OBF Volunteer FAQ

Thanks for volunteering!!

Without the army of volunteers it takes to pour the beer we wouldn’t be able to put on a festival. Please keep in mind you are representing OBF while working, please be courteous to your fellow volunteers and festival goers.

Volunteer check in

The volunteer check in booth is located at the south end of the festival near the Morrison Street Bridge. Please arrive 45 minutes early to check in, receive a t-shirt, hat, water bottle, tap assignment, and brief OLCC orientation.

Volunteer Parking

There are no designated parking areas for volunteers. We encourage taking public transportation to the festival or there are several paid parking lots near the waterfront.

No Drinking/Sampling Beer before or while Serving

Volunteers in Oregon, just like bartenders cannot consume alcohol, even for sampling purposes, during their shift, or during the four hours prior to their shift. Anyone who does so is liable for a personal fine from the OLCC. The festival is also liable for an additional fine.

No Wristband = No Beer

All attendees will have their IDs checked by security at the festival entrance. They will get a colored wristband. Do not serve anyone without a wristband.


The festival only accepts OBF tokens. They are wooden and have OBF cast into them. Tokens must be used for all beer transactions- volunteers cannot accept cash for beers. All festival staff, media, vendors and performers will have tokens to use. Please ensure no one gets a beer without a giving you a token. Due to OLCC regulations, we are only allowed to serve beer in this year’s festival mug. There are no 2 or 3 token pours, only 1 token for a sample, or 4 tokens for a full mug.

Assistance with Volunteer Check In

Volunteers who assist with volunteer check- in can also serve beer after volunteer check- in is over.  Arrive one hour before your shift begins and these volunteers will receive an additional 4 tokens for helping out. These volunteers will be notified via email at the beginning of July.


Supervisors will be selected and notified via email at the beginning of July.

Changing or Cancelling a Shift

Please email us if you need to change or cancel a shift volunteers@oregonbrewfest.com